These Girls Do 'Frozen' IRL

Frozen mania isn't dying down... it's getting even bigger. In fact, some girls love Frozen so much that in their spare time, they dress up like the characters and act out their journeys for fun. Look no further than this video of a live-action Frozen Elsa with her live-action Anna counterpart. Consider this cosplay at its Disney extreme, as these two girls don outfits akin to the Frozen sisters and frolic around a snowy mountain. My butt is cold just thinking about it! And no, they don't sing. But they're... having a hell of a lot of fun.

While the Elsa in this video has nothing on the Elsa doppelganger and Internet sensation Anna Faith, you have to give her some credit for inadvertently posing the question, "How would Frozen look if it wasn't an animated movie?" There are multiple answers to that — because, sure, the animation adds so much to the movie, but at the same time, we're crossing our fingers for a live-action Broadway adaptation. What makes Frozen so good isn't the effects, it's the story and the music — here, we have neither.

But what do we have? An adorable little video featuring two girls freezing their assess off as they run around in the cold for the love of Frozen. That is COMMITMENT. These two girls are obviously having a grand old time, and you know any little girl passing by them on the mountain would should out, "IT'S ANNA AND ELSA!" Now we just need a live-action Kristoff to add to the Youtube mix. (Swoon.)

Image: Youtube