'Community' Won't Be on Hulu, So Say Goodbye With These 13 Life Lessons

Greendale has survived everything from two massive paintball fights to being bought out by Subway, but it couldn't survive this. Although there had been rumors that Hulu was interested in broadcasting Community after it was cancelled by NBC, those have now officially been put to rest. In defiance of the Community fan cry of #sixseasonsandamovie, TV Line reports that Hulu has abandoned talks to acquire Community. With only six days left before the casts' contracts with Sony expire, this seems like the last nail in the coffin on any hopes we may have had that we'd get to join the Greendale Seven for one last season of adventure.

Admittedly, the quality of Community has been on the decline since season three. When Dan Harmon left, we got a season four that was rife with inconsistencies, character contradictions, and weak storylines so nonsensical that Dan Harmon's return for season five had all the characters referring to season four as "the gas leak year". However, season five wasn't much better due to the fact that we lost Chevy Chase as the offensive yet somehow sweet Pierce Hawthorne and Donald Glover as fan-favorite character Troy Barnes. Whether most fans are willing to admit it or not, Community was on its last legs even before it was cancelled.

Still, that doesn't mean that the cancellation didn't come as a shock. Community is always on the verge of getting cancelled. That's practically part of its charm. Now that it's gone and any hope of finding a home on a new network is dead in the water, we finally have to accept that it's time to say goodbye to Greendale. Some might find this harder than others, however, let's reflect on all the life lessons that Community taught us.

1. That We Are Not Alone

2. To Appreciate the Women That Came Before Us

3. What to Do When We're Bored at the Office

4. To Appreciate Our Friends More

5. That Sugar Is Baby Meth

6. That Video Game Knowledge Will Come In Handy

7. That Annie Edison Is All Of Us

8. That Britta Perry Is All Of Us

9. That We Should Pray for Peace

10. How to Break Up With Strangers

11. To Never Be Ashamed to Love '90s Music

12. How to Give Creative Insults

13. How to Let Go

Goodbye, Community. It's been real.

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