Bieber's Back to Annoying His Neighbors

What ever happened to that whole thing about Justin Bieber turning over a new leaf and reinventing his bad boy image due to Selena Gomez's undying love? Because seriously, word of that only came out a couple days ago and already he's back in trouble. In completely expected and unsurprising news, Justin Bieber is annoying his new neighbors at his super ritzy Beverly Hills condo. The complaints this time range from overall rowdiness, noise, and late night partying to, of course, the pungent stench of marijuana wafting through their incredibly expensive cribs. If I paid that much for a place, I'd be all sorts of mad, too. All I have to say is at least this time the scandal doesn't involve eggs. At least.

To make the situation even more agitating for his poor, unsuspecting neighbors, The Biebs is not only renting his own penthouse, but also the condo beneath for his equally disrespectful posse. Leave it to Bieber to make such a rookie mistake. Has he learned nothing from Entourage?

It's a miracle someone even let the singer rent two units in a condo considering the felony vandalism charges he faces for, you know, destroying property. And yet, it seems that he's completely unfazed by the entire ordeal. I suppose that when you're a 20-year-old Richie Rich, it's hard for any of the consequences to your inconsiderate and obnoxious actions to stick.

Right, Justin?

Image: Giphy