What's He Getting Charged With?

With so many new Bieber scandals emerging, we need to remind ourselves that we can't forget all of the old Bieber scandals. Which is why this update is so important: Justin Bieber will face vandalism charges for his egging debacle from back in January. He can escape grabbing cellphones, but he can't escape egging a neighbor's house. Sorry, Bieber, but a baptism isn't guaranteed to save you from the law.

We don't know yet if these charges will be a misdemeanor or a felony — so no, we don't yet know if he'll get deported or not (sorry, dis-beliebers, you'll have to wait to find out if he's headed back to his homeland). However, it looks like there's a high chance it'll go down as a felony, as the prosecutor who investigated the scenario told the victim that:

If this isn't a felony, nothing is.

You can almost hear the writer's room at Law & Order drafting an episode about a Canadian pop star who was a former teen idol who has turned to a life of crime.

Apparently, these charges will likely be pretty steep, as the egging victim estimates that damages are around $20,000. Still, Bieber is probably so high on swagger thanks to a jacked bank account that he's likely missing the point — maybe 20 grand isn't much for him, but the blow his image will take might cost him.

Will these charges motivate Bieber to get his shit together and start acting more... legally, shall we say, in the future? Even if he does, he still can't stop the past from coming back to haunt him. Whether it's old racist videos or the egging case that never goes away, Bieber's got a tough road ahead of him if he wants to clear his name. Or he can just ask Law & Order to write that ep — or hell, start a whole spin-off — called Special Bieber Unit.