Nicki Minaj's Advice on Dating Drake & More Tips on Wooing the Rapper

Nicki Minaj may have found her calling as the next Millionaire Matchmaker. Even though the "Pills N' Potions" rapper recently laid claim to Drake as her future husband, during an interview with London radio station Capital Xtra, she kindly offered dating advice to what must be the millions of women hoping to date her Young Money label mate. According to Minaj, successfully moving past Drake's "no new friends" zone simply requires intellect.

"I think he likes intellectual women actually. He likes fat asses but I think he [also] likes a girl who can hold a conversation," Minaj said. It's not surprising to hear that Drake likes a girl with a big butt and an intellectual capacity to match, but considering the fact that Drake supposedly romanced Rihanna, it's safe to say that in addition to brains, whoever steps to Drake must also possess a few other key, non-negotiable characteristics.

For starters, Drake's ideal mate knows and loves all of his songs and can define and use in a sentence all of the associated slang, nicknames and acronyms featured on any given Drake track. Seriously, for any chick who has to Google "YOLO" or thinks when people say "Drizzy" it's a hip reference for a brief rain shower, don't even bother. You are obviously not the girl for Drake.

The woman of Drake's dreams will be sensitive enough to relate to and comfort him in his angst-filled moments, but not so sensitive that his problems consume her, rendering her completely useless and an emotional mess.

Drake's girl absolutely has to love Houston, or at least have the good sense to pretend she does. In the meantime, she might want to brush up on some of these references to the city of Houston that will at least teach her a thing or two about how to keep it "trill." Watch and learn ladies.

For any woman hoping to get close to Drake, realize and respect the fact that he has trust issues and typically avoids commitment, so asking to meet his mom upfront probably wouldn't be the best move. But acknowledging how much you love a man who's not shy about expressing how much he loves his mom? Consider yourself a shoo-in!

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