How Did This Fun Couple Meet?

by Caitlyn Callegari

The beautiful and outspoken Chrissy Teigen — you know her, you love her, and you most likely follow her and her endearing ridiculousness on Twitter. You also know she's the inspiration behind the heart-wrenchingly beautiful, "All of Me," which was penned by her singer husband, John Legend. So admittedly, to spark a declaration of love like that, she has to be at least kind of amazing. But, how did the basically unknown (at the time) model and funny woman meet someone as famous and as talented as Legend and then go on to marry him? Well, like any great love story, the two met at work and then went on to break the cardinal workplace rule. Whoops! Really, it was totally fine though since they're not, like, accountants or something.

The young and virtually unknown model was cast in Legend's music video for the song "Stereo" in 2007 and they immediately hit it off. The pair dated for four years before getting engaged in 2011. They married in September of 2013 in a fairy tale-like ceremony in Italy. Teigen credits her compatibility with her husband on their polar opposite personalities. While she's quite obviously outgoing and outspoken, Legend is reserved and cool. If their silly banter and cute pictures across various social media platforms are any evidence, these two opposites are, in fact, perfect for each other. But Teigen does admit that she can get jealous of the attention Legend gets from time to time. She has nothing to worry about though. I mean, have you caught wind of Legend's Billboard Music Awards performance? We're still swooning...