'Million Dollar Listing Miami's Chad Carroll Has a Serious License To Sell

Clearly, I’ve all been looking for men in the wrong areas because Chad Carroll makes it absolutely apparent that men who sell real estate in Miami are both gorgeous and powerful, though also probably a little douchey. Million Dollar Listing Miami premieres Wednesday night on Bravo and there’s nothing more perfect than looking at houses we can’t afford combined while watching all the reality show drama assured to come. The show’s preview proves that Carroll is the head honcho and the rest of the team, Chris Leavitt and Samantha DiBianchi, are desperately trying to catch up.

Born and bred from a family of Ohio doctors, Carroll knew that it wasn’t in his future to become McDreamy IRL. After obtaining his business degree and real estate license, he settled down in sunny Florida and began to create his empire. He has become one of the top selling real estate agents in Southern Florida and has been branded “The King of Closing” after earning $200 million in sales in just three years.

As if Carroll wasn’t already seemingly flawless with his perfectly manicured hair and signature three-piece suit (which he probably sleeps in), his girlfriend is just as pretty, if not prettier than, Carroll. Jen Stone is an on-air entertainment host and personality, covering events and shopping on a local blog. She will definitely be a part of the show, since in her spare time she helps Carroll with listings.

Plus, there's a big, fat engagement ring in the series' preview. Check it out below.

Oh yeah, that doesn’t seem at all staged. So who exactly is this perfect specimen of a human being as a person? After stalking Carroll's Facebook and Twitter for some time, I’ve concluded that he absolutely loves showing off all ritzy high-rises and houses near the Miami area. I’m not sure if they are all his personal listings, but he absolutely loves talking about and taking pictures of views from balconies. He also really enjoys mentioning the price of everything. In the preview, he even made sure you knew how much the engagement ring costs — $177,000, by the way.

He’s basically your average businessman who works around the clock, which will probably add some kind of tension to his relationship this season, especially based on that outrageous clip from the the trailer where he’s throwing a glass of water all over the place. Damn you, water, how could you not close that deal!

Chad Carroll has the perfect job, a great girlfriend, and his own reality show. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Images: ChadCarrollMIA/Twitter