9 Gloriously Crispy Fried Chicken Recipes That Taste Like Heaven on a Drumstick

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Vegans, avert your eyes. As much as we love you, there are some times when a girl just has to have her fried chicken. You can go on eating your tofu and your tempeh, your hummus and your carrots. We won’t judge — we have drumsticks.

Of course, there’s never a bad time for fried chicken. It’s the comfort food your grandmother used to make, the thing that got you through childhood and through post-break-up cry fests. But it’s in summer, with a glass of iced tea, that fried chicken is truly glorious. To kick off your warm-weather feasting, we rounded up the crispiest, most mouthwatering recipes for cookouts, for picnics, and just for you, when you raid the fridge at midnight. Choose your own chicken adventure — classic, Korean, or karaage — and then treat yourself, all summer long.

Image: Tucker

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