Is She Returning To 'The Vampire Diaries?'

We haven't seen the last of Bonnie Bennett. The gut-wrenching Season 5 finale of The Vampire Diaries may have killed off Bonnie for the second time, but according to new spoilers, Bonnie won't be gone for good. We already know that Bonnie's "Other Side" partner-in-death, Damon Salvatore, will be returning for Season 6 of the show, and now we have confirmation that the witch will be back as well. According to actress Kat Graham's interview with TVLine, Bonnie will return for Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries .

Unfortunately, that's all the info we're getting about Bonnie's return. Graham herself said that she doesn't know how Bonnie will return... or for how long. In fact, everything about Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries feels up in the air. Julie Plec teased that death — which has been less-than-significant on The Vampire Diaries, given that it rarely sticks — will become more permanent with the disintegration of the Other Side. Is Bonnie's death falls under the new "death is for real" rule, that could mean that we'll be seeing a very different Bonnie in the future. We've already seen Bonnie die before and return as the anchor to the Other Side, but there's no way that the show will pull a stunt like that again, right? Bonnie's return to TVD is a mystery, but here are just a few ways she could make it back:

Liv Will Find A Way To Bring Her Back

There's a new witch in town, and her name is Liv Parker. She assisted Bonnie in the spell to keep the Other Side open for everyone to cross through, but didn't have the strength to keep it open long enough for Damon and Bonnie to complete their task. The guilt of not being able to help Bonnie and Damon cross over could mean that Liv will do anything in her power to bring the two of them back from the dead. (Not sure how exactly it would work, but I'm thinking... magic?) Given that Bonnie's already come back from the dead, it's still possible for her to regain her human status... if the show wants to be really, really boring about it.

Bonnie Will Return As A Ghost

Prior to her real resurrection, Bonnie palled around with Jeremy as a ghost while he told everyone that Bonnie was just "on vacation." Now that the Other Side is gone, there's no clear way to see how a ghost situation would work — we've only seen supernatural humans return as ghosts, so if Bonnie does return in a phantom state, we'll need a logical(ish) explanation for how it happened. I'm thinking that if Bonnie does return to haunt her old friends, she won't be sticking around for very long. Ghosts are fun for a while, but after a while they start to feel like the high school has-been who still hangs around the senior parking lot.

She'll Return in Flashbacks and Dream Sequences

It would be disappointing for Bonnie fans, but hey, sometimes people really do die. By bringing back Bonnie in the minds of the characters, Graham can return to the show without the writers going back on their promise to make death a more grave situation for the characters. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Bonnie as a figment of Elena and Jeremy's imagination — Bonnie's already had her chance to die and return, and doing it a second time is a little stale for this show. Then again, if Bonnie goes for good, that means that Damon probably will, too — and I am so not okay with that.

She'll Return As A Vampire

Absolutely zero clue how this could even work, but hey, it happened to half of her friends, right? And let's be honest: Bonnie as a vampire would inject some much-needed pizzaz into her personality. Sorry, Bon.

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