The First Trailer for 'Fury' Is Here

David Ayer's upcoming World War II film Fury is mostly known for three things at this point. First of all, Fury is total Oscar bait, if the fact that a behind the scenes featurette came out before the first trailer is any indication. Second of all, Fury is bringing Shia "I'm Not Famous Anymore" LaBeouf back into the public eye. Third of all, Fury is a World War II movie with Brad Pitt in it. What more do you need to be first in line to buy your ticket? Those who needed to see something like, you know, an actual trailer can now rest easy. The first official trailer for Fury has been released and it's pretty much everything you would expect from this kind of film.

Brad Pitt stars as Wardaddy, the leader of a five-man tank crew which includes naive newcomer Logan Lerman as Norman Ellison, his assistant tank driver, and weary veteran soldiers like Boyd Swan, played by Shia LaBeouf. The film takes place during April 1945, during the waning months of World War II, and the remaining members of Pitt's crew have formed a tight, family-like bond from fighting together for so many years. In their tank, which is the Fury of the title, the five of them find themselves vastly outnumbered by 300 German soldiers.

The trailer features lots of explosions, lots of tanks, lots of hardened war talk and not enough glimpses of Nazis considering its content. It definitely holds true to its word of being a character study, managing to sketch a poignant portrait of Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman's characters while giving intriguing glimpses of the other characters that make us want to know more. The film will be released on November 14 and its tagline is "War never ends quietly", which resonates even further now that they've got you attached to this tiny group who is brave enough to face down 300 German soldiers all by themselves.

Then again, there's not much in the trailer to differentiate it from any other World War II movie out there — except starring Brad Pitt. Right now, Fury seems like it's just a mash up of every other war movie you could possibly watch, so it's really going to have to rely on the strength of its characters to make it shine. This trailer would have been better if it had given more focus to those characters than to the conflict that surrounds them. We all know the story of World War II, but it's the stories within the stories that keep people coming back to the theater. Maybe the next trailer will be better.

If nothing else, the film will be worth checking out just to see whether or not Shia LaBeouf turns up for the promotional tour events with his I'm Not Famous Anymore paper bag on his head. Watch the trailer below.