9 Daring Madonna Instagram Style Pictures That Caused A Serious Commotion

Madonna courts controversy like it's her boyfriend — or her "boy toy," to borrow a term from Her Madgesty's early '80s heyday. Remember the belt buckle announcing her status as such on the Like a Virgin album cover? As a trendsetter/style icon that is still paying attention at what's going on at the street level, who isn't afraid to pop a grill in her mouth, and a complete controversy magnet, it's not shock that Madge's Instagram style and her photo postings sometimes cause a commotion. This week, she posted a photo while wearing a burqa that covered her head and face, allowing only her baby blues to peer through mini, cage-like bars.

Madonna captioned the shot: "Its that kind of day! #unapologeticbitch."

Hmm. I can totally see fans and non-fans being offended by her attire, since burqas are a religious item that are often seen as representing the oppression of women in other cultures. Whatever artistic statement Madge is making by wearing this garment — or maybe she just wanted to have a moment or an hour where she could hide her identity and not be Madonna — I can't speak for her. But it is certainly a photo that should ruffle some feathers. That is her specialty, after all.

Here are nine other times that Madge's Insta style got people talking. No, I'm not including that early 2014 snafu where she posted a pic of her teenage son Rocco and used the "N" word while doing so. This is purely a roundup of Madge's attire, accessories, and fashions — otherwise, the list would go on for days.

1. The Burqa

The burqa photo certainly sends a message. I'm just not sure which one. While most selfies usually show more skin, Madge totally covered up. This could be her way of calling attention to the idea that women are being oppressed on a global scale.

2. The Chain Mask

"Covered up" is a recurring motif. These photos certainly put the emphasis on Madge's eyes, but obscuring her mouth suggests the notion of speaking up and being muted. I see a facial chastity belt. I know, weird.

3. The "Boy" Scout in Drag

Madonna wore a Boy Scout uni to present her friend Anderson Cooper with a GLAAD Award in 2013. She posted, "I wanna be a Boy Scout but they won't let me! I know how to rub 2 pieces of wood together!" Her message and intent were obvious regarding the Boy Scout policy on gay members.

4. The 'Stache

This is certainly a way to go incognito when you're one of the most famous women on the planet. It's more about being funny than addressing androgyny. Her cat-eye shades rocked, too.

5. Licking It Clean

Madge licked her glass shower door and quoted Beyonce, nodding to her with a #BowDownBitches reference. It's highly unlikely that the Material Girl threw on some rubber gloves and Pine Sol'ed her shower but she still licked it clean.

6. Grillin' and Chillin'

Grills are usually reserved for Flavor Flav or Lil Wayne. But Madge, whose gap-toothed grin is now a signature, offered her take on the toothy trend.

7. BDSM With Katy Perry

"Steamy"doesn't even begin to characterize the photos from her V (ahem) spread with Katy Perry. The ladies rocked mushroom curled Bettie Page bangs, latex, and weren't shy about posing in BDSM fashion. For what it's worth, I thought the Rihanna x Kate Moss version of this type of posing for this very magazine a year earlier was way more thermonuclear. But the Madge x Katy pairing generates missile-like heat.

8. Game of Thrones Gear

Madonna borrowed Emilia Clarke's actual Game of Thrones costume for this photo. Fanboys and fangirls went into convulsions. Whether or not it's blasphemy is debatable. The only certainty? She's Madonna. She gets this kind of clearance and can borrow from Daenerys' closet.

9. Mean Girl Face, Great Cleavage

Mean Girl face, amazing cleavage! Madge is 55, turning 56 in August, which means she is Leo and explains a lot of things about her Queen Bee personality. However, Mary-Kate and Ashley are in terrific shape after kids and, well, life.

Images: Instagram