Her Vacation Wasn't Complete Without a Humblebrag

by Arielle Dachille

Vanessa Hudgens wants you to know that she loves hiking. Loves it! The one thing she enjoys more than hiking is documenting her hiking trips for the sake of posterity and public curiosity. This is why Vanessa Hudgens posted a ton of hiking selfies (a new sub-genre of selfies, of course) during her 8-mile hike through the tropical mountains of Hawaii on Tuesday. Basically, while you were lying prostrate on your couch ordering Seamless and watching The Real Housewives of New York, Hudgens was doing some hardcore walking. She snapped plenty of glamour shots in the midst of her trek, because naturally, a hike doesn't occur unless it's broadcasted on Instagram.

The Spring Breakers star is currently on vacation with a group of her friends in Hawaii. Accompanied by her sister Stella and her friend Alec Holden who comprise the "Sugar Loaf Trifecta" (clearly it's an insider thing, you wouldn't get it) the actress took a hike up the Na Pali coast. Hudgens and her fellow musketeers trekked deep into the forest to go zip-lining, but not before taking a couple duck-face selfies. Further on into the forest, the pack happened upon a magical waterfall. What are the odds?

Here she is with the pound cake trio. Or sugar loaf trifecta. Whatever. Everyone is clad in their Coachella clearance best. She captioned the photo: "Best 8 mile hike companions. We are the sugar loaf trifecta." They're all in this together.

Hudgens hasn't yet received the memo about sparrow face.

Time to float through the air with the greatest of ease... She suited up for her zip-lining trip, and had a buddy snap a pic of her straight cheesing.

And finally, they happened upon dreamlike waterfall! This was the perfect opportunity for the actress to get a bikini pic. She captioned the photo with "The 8-mile hike paid off", lest we forget that she just hiked 8 miles. Thanks for the humble brag, 'Ness. I'm gonna go back to sitting for so long that I forget my legs exist.

Images: Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram