5 Hat Styles You Need For Summer, Plus How to Actually Pull Them Off

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Summer is in full swing, ladies, which means it's time to bust out or invest in some staple hats. Not only will they help shield your skin from harmful UV rays, they can also transform any outfit from ordinary to super chic. Yes, even a baseball cap can be stylish. Whether you're day-drinking at the park or day-dancing at a music festival, a hat can be your most statement-worthy accessory. And while all of the above is true, the fear of looking funny or worse, having a Pharrell moment, still holds a lot of us back from wearing them (myself included). If you're like me and are uncertain about whether or not you can pull of this summer's biggest hat trends, think again. In addition to a little bit of confidence, these simple styling tips will help you rock those hats all summer long.

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