Is That You, Taylor Swift?

Whether you've been watching the show for seasons upon seasons or you're tuning in for the first time to find some ridiculous treehouse antics, Big Brother and its cast can be a bit overwhelming at first. There's the guy who used to play baseball; there's the dude who was a soccer player; there's Ariana Grande's brother and the lady DJ from Queens. But mostly importantly, there's once contestant on Big Brother 16 who looks rather familiar: Michigan girl Nicole Franzel is basically Taylor Swift in the "You Belong With Me" Video.

Look, this girl could turn around and become a total nightmare (I'm told that's how things go on this show), but at first glance, Nicole is a ridiculously innocent, doe-eyed young lady. To boot, she's got the long blonde locks, country-music approved sundress, coke-bottle black-framed glassed, and Swift's signature dumbfounded look. You know the one I'm talking about.

Sure, they're not an exact match, but if Swift's music video was to become an ABC Family sitcom — one with crazy bright lights and ridiculously colorful outfits that look like they came straight out of a Delia's catalog — Nicole Franzel would definitely be able to play the Swift part.

The resemblance is pretty damn uncanny:

Nicole Franzel's Promo Pic:

Taylor Swift in "You Belong With Me":

She's Even Got The Obnoxious Post-Makeover Glam Look Thing Going:

Images: Youtube; CBS (2)