Kim Kardashian Went Blonde Again — But It's Just A Wig, So Everybody Relax

OMG, you guys! Guess what? Kim Kardashian has gone blonde again. Hurry, start furiously tweeting #BlondeHairDontCare and #BlondeKim hashtags to get her new hue trending. Wait, actually. Don't do that. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Kardashian's newly golden locks, which look like they could be the blondest and lightest strands she has ever boasted, are very temporary. It's just a wig.

Mrs. Yeezy, who had more fun as a blonde after birthing daughter North, sported her naturally raven locks for her wedding to Kanye West last month. On Wednesday night, however, the reality star posted four pale-lipped and pouty selfies in which her face was framed by blonde hair; it appeared as though Kardashian was on a photo shoot of some sort.

But she quickly captioned one to reveal that it was just a wig. Dayum, though! That sure looks like real hair. They've come a long way from obviously faux Barbie hair in the wig industry, crafting hairpieces that are look totally authentic.

While Kardashian has a pretty face that allows her to pull off hair of all lengths and hues, she is definitely best as a brunette. Her tawny, eterna-bronzed skin best supports darker locks. When she is blonde, her skin and eyes are washed out and she doesn't look real. No, I'm not going there since Kardashian's physical and personal authenticity are often called into question by the haters and the media that elevated her to the very fame she enjoys.

While I was first distracted by the portrait in the background, which looks like Christina Ricci pretending to be a model, you can see the drastic and unbalanced contrast of the blonde hair and Double K's too-tanned skin. I'd recommend using some of those makeup remover wipes to tone it down. She looks blotchy and her skin tone rivals that of a basketball. She captioned the shot: "It's baaaaack!!!! #BlondeHairDontCare thanks to@SergeNormant."

This is a typical Kimmy K. selfie: Doe eyes, killer cheekbones, forced pouty lips, and perfect brows. One cannot deny Kardashian's natural beauty but when she returns to her rich, dark chocolate locks, order will be restored to the universe. Whew.

Is it me or is she channeling J. Lo here? The reality diva wrote, "It's just a wig! Looks so real though right?" Um, yeah, it does. I'm still wondering if her bronzer shade is called "Deep Basketball." She makes tanaholic The Situation from Jersey Shore look like an apparition in comparison.

Another J. Lo moment right here! Again, while Kardashian is a looker, here's where you can see the cumulative effect and efforts of her glam squad. A few metric tons of product, including smoky eye makeup, sculpting bronzer, and lipstick, went into crafting this look. It's a bit much and it's all highlighted by the blonde hair. #KimBringBackBrown. Start that movement, Dashers.

Images: @kimkardashian/Instagram