On 'Catfish' Miranda & Cameryn Didn't Work Out, But What About Miranda & Gabbie?

As much as I love Catfish, it's pretty much a given that the story follows a certain pattern. Someone's fallen in love with someone they've never met, and more often than not, that person is lying about their true identity. It starts to seem a little played out after a while, but then you get an episode of Catfish like "Miranda & Cameryn," and it just pulls you right back in. Is it worth it to watch the boring episodes if once in awhile, MTV throws us something like this? Absolutely. What happened was definitely a Catfish first, and it was kind of fun watching Nev and Max have absolutely no idea what to do when the couple they were trying to help suddenly changed from Miranda and Cameryn to Miranda and Gabb i e.

Mostly because Miranda got Catfish ed not once, but twice. Um, yikes? First, the guy she'd fallen in love with originally — Cameryn — confessed that he wasn't really Cameryn. He was actually a guy named James from Atlanta. And Miranda, bless her heart, believed him. But for her to really trust him, she had to meet him in person and confirm that the guy she was talking to was actually James, and that he wasn't lying again. So was he lying again? Of course he was. This is Catfish. Everyone is lying on Catfish.

But once Nev, Max, and Miranda made it to Atlanta, James suddenly couldn't meet up — but he could Skype. And when they Skyped, we realized that of course James was actually a girl named Gabbie, who had real feelings for Miranda, even though she'd been leading her on the whole time. The most frustrating part about this episode? We never get to see Miranda and Gabbie meet in person and hear Gabbie answer all the questions we're dying to know, now that we're invested in their story and all.

So where are they now? According to the update after the show, not only have Miranda and Gabbie been talking, but they've been flirting, and they're even planning to meet up in the near future. Guys, this is exciting. A happy ending! This almost never happens! Well, except for last week with Solana and Danny getting married. Sigh. Young love.

Obviously, we need more information, though — and more information we can get, thanks to the beauty of social media. Gabbie and Miranda are both super active on Twitter (although Miranda's Instagram is largely composed of selfies. As it should be — girl is gorgeous!) and from the looks of things, the experience has taught Miranda a lot about her sexuality, and things between her and her online lover seem to still be on.

Last night, during the episode, Miranda tweeted this:

And Gabbie was pretty much in agreement:

And they lived happily ever after.

Images: MTV, Giphy