Carrie Underwood & Miranda Lambert’s “Somethin' Bad” Video Should Become a Movie Stat — VIDEO

When we first found out that country music queens Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert were doing a duet together, we were impossibly excited. The woman who taught her boyfriend to think before he cheats in "Before He Cheats" and the woman who gave up on love (and, uh, burned her ex-boyfriend's house down) in "Kerosene" teaming up for a song called "Somethin' Bad"? It all sounded like a match made in musical heaven and it definitely was when they finally performed "Somethin' Bad" at the Billboard Music Awards. Now, Underwood and Lambert have released a music video for "Somethin' Bad" and it's left us feeling the same way we did after Jay Z and Beyoncé's On the Run Tour promo: why isn't this a movie yet?

The song's music video is formatted exactly like a movie trailer, complete with the green screen assuring everyone that, "This preview has been approved for all audiences." In the video, Underwood and Lambert are seen singing the song while standing in place for their mugshots. This is inter-cut with flashbacks of the two of them donning disguises, from wigs to classy cocktail gowns, that allow them to get into position to steal jewelry and money from unsuspecting victims.

It's essentially a two minute and 52 second long ode to Thelma and Louise type hijinks — fitting since the criminal duo gets a shoutout in one of the verses — and it's so awesome that you'll be left wanting more of it when it finally comes to a close. Maybe you're hungering for female friendships and female anti-heroines as much as I am or maybe you just think it's an amazing story — or, preferably, both — but "Somethin' Bad" would seriously benefit from being expanded into a movie or a short film.

If Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert as country singing jewelry thieves sounds like a ridiculous premise for a film, please try and remember that Jem and the Holograms was a real thing in the 1980s and that Scooter Braun is remaking it into a movie. If we get as many Ocean's Eleven-esque heists and awesome music as we do in this single video, then people would definitely line up to buy a ticket.

Watch the music video below.