FitBit for Your Ladybits?

Not to, y’know, put you on the spot or anything, but let me ask you a question: Do you regularly do Kegel exercises? I don’t. And apparently I’m not alone; like many women, I somehow just can’t seem to make a habit of doing them, in spite of all the benefits they yield. But hey, guess what? If you’re in the same I-really-should-do-my-Kegels-but-good-gravy-why-are-they-so-difficult boat as me, there’s a little something on the way that should help get us out of it. It’s called kGoal, and essentially, it’s a FitBit for your vagina. For reals.

The brainchild of sexual health product company Minna Life, kGoal just launched a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes that it will soon become a reality. Touted as “the world’s first interactive training system for pelvic floor exercises,” it consists of both a device and a smartphone app that can communicate wirelessly; together, they provide an interactive platform to guide, measure, and track your Kegels. “It’s like having a personalized gym, physical therapist, and tracking system in the palm of your hand,” its Kickstarter page says.


The whole “gym trainer” thing, by the way, is what separates kGoal (say it aloud a few times and the name will make sense — get it?) from other fitness-pleasure toys like Ben Wa Balls. Said Minna Life CEO Ben Krieger to Nerve, “The ability to track your performance and put some data around it is really powerful.” The real-time feedback makes it infinitely easier to do your Kegels, and to do them correctly. Furthermore, what Minna constantly heard when doing research for the kGoal was this: “Kegels are boring.” So they made it fun—and for the curious, yes, part of that fun involves a built-in vibrator. “This is not a Trojan horse situation where kGoal is actually a vibrator,” Krieger cautioned; although he continued, saying, “Building on what makes kGoal unique, one issue that we really wanted to address was how to convince people to do their Kegel exercises.” Basically, the better you are at your Kegels, the more you’ll reap its rewards — literally. You do the math.

As of this writing, there are 39 days to go for the kGoal Kickstarter campaign; so far, it’s raised $4,393 of its $90,000 goal. Curious? Want to contribute? Head on over there to find out more. Oh, and if you contribute enough, one of the perks you’ll get is a kGoal of your very own. They’re not going to be cheap, but ultimately, it’ll probably be a relatively small price to pay for improved pelvic muscles — and mind-blowingly good orgasms.

Image: kGoal/Kickstarter