21 Times She Made You Fall in Love With Her

There are a lot of reasons for why everyone should be in love with Ariana Grande. She's one of those celebrities that's not only insanely talented, but also an insanely good person. Oh, sure, like anyone else, I'm sure that Grande has her haters, but I'm certainly not among them. After all, Grande is the actress behind Cat Valentine of Victorious and Sam & Cat fame as well as the voice behind Yours, Truly and an upcoming second album. Grande has been in the fame game since she was a child, so it might be hard to believe that she is officially 21 years old today.

Grande, who was born Ariana Grande-Butera, has spent considerable time building up her huge fanbase of Arianators, who have been trending #Happy21stBirthdayAriana on Twitter all morning. "So happy to have grown with Ariana and watch her accomplish so much at such a young age," said one fan on Twitter while another Arianator added. "21 years later and her smile has still remained beautiful."

Considering the kind of person she is, it can be hard to pick just one reason for why you love Ariana Grande as much as you do. It was a difficult task, to be honest, but we managed to pick 21.

1. She met her ex-boyfriend, Jai Brooks, online.

2. She fangirled Jim Carey — Hard.

3. Even her rejected songs are epic.

4. She loves animals. Even mice.

5. She has the best slumber parties.

6. She genuinely loves her fans.

7. She can make any collaboration work.

8. She's an amazing actress.

9. She still keeps in touch with her co-stars.

10. She did it for the Vine.

11. She always stays positive.

12. She gave us "Problem".

13. She can rock go-go boots.

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14. She's always had an amazing voice.

15. Before Nickelodeon, she was in 13 on Broadway.

16. Family always comes before fame.

17. She looks good with every hair color.

18. She has an adorable laugh.

19. She hung out with Mickey Mouse for her birthday.

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20. She has a great sense of humor.

21. She's Ariana Grande.

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Image: ArianaGrande/Twitter; arianagrande/Instagram; justinbieber/Instagram; Playbill