"Netflix Profiles" Makes It Easier For Users to Share Accounts

Guess what, guys? Netflix totally knows that you share your account with your friends and family members. But wait, they're not angry? No. Believe it or not, Netflix is actually changing its interface to encourage more sharing of accounts.

The new "Netflix Profiles" feature unveiled Thursday was made to fix a problem that users sharing their accounts have been suffering in silence: your mom's bad taste rubbing off on your Netflix viewing suggestions.

Neil Hunt, the company's chief product officer, says that now, parents "won't have to be embarrassed" by what their kids are watching showing up in their Facebook "because it will be confined to their Profile, instead."

On its blog, Netflix explained the new feature like this:

Although Netflix has generated a lot of buzz with its 12 Emmy nominations for House of Cards and Arrested Development, CEO Reed Hastings said in a post-earnings conference call, "We're fundamentally in the membership happiness business, as opposed to in the TV show business."

Hunt reiterated that statement, saying that generating "more happiness" is the company's long-term strategy for "faster growth and a bigger business overall."

Here's the "Profiles" promo video, with a cute guy too, you know, to generate more happiness:


Image: ablackonamac via Flickr