Brad Pitt's '80s Pringles Commercial Proves Potato Chips are the Sexiest Snack — VIDEO

Once you pop, the fun don't — okay, I'll spare you the Pringles slogan, but here's something that I will not spare you: a video of Brad Pitt in an '80s Pringles commercial. You know what that is, right? That's the COMMERCIAL JACKPOT. (All hail Youtube and The Internet, and most of all, Com Classics. We tip our hat to you for providing the Internet with this gem, and we also tip our hat to The Huffington Post for stumbling upon it first and sharing it with the rest of us.)

In addition to video's enormous entertainment value (and not to mention — look at that smile! That hair! He's so young!), it also possesses something else: it's a reminder of how much Brad Pitt has accomplished throughout his career. Holy Benjamin Button, you guys.

But seriously — think about it! He's gone from this commercial as a Pringles dude to a huge career (and have you seen the trailer for Fury yet?). He's a Serious Actor, with a capital S and A. He's also a farmer, but that's a whole other story.

Anyway, check out the commercial below, and enjoy a heart dose of Before They Were Stars for a good ol' #TBT.

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