'Girl Meets World' Should Feature Jack Hunter & These 6 Other Characters

20-somethings of the world, cancel your Friday night plans. The Girl Meets World series premiere is finally here and there's nothing more important than finally seeing Cory and Topanga together again. We know that Shawn Hunter, Minkus, and Mr. Feeny will all appear in the first season at some point, but what about Jack Hunter? Matthew Lawrence and all his beauty should be present for this glorious reunion, and while the show is supposed to be about Cory and Topanga’s children, we really want the old cast to have some major onscreen time together again. I’ve been dreaming about this day for a long time and the only thing that could possibly make it better is a little more Jack Hunter in my life.

Although Matthew Lawrence appeared at the show's reunion last year, there is still no word on if he will be making a surprise appearance on Girl Meets World. Unfortunately, Lawrence’s name is not listed on the series' IMDB page, which means it’s not looking too good. However, Lawrence did tell Hollywood Life that he thinks the show is "a great idea," and more importantly, said, "of course I’d love to be on it.” I still have a bit of hope that they are keeping some guest stars under wraps— some very specific guest stars. Here are six other Boy Meets World characters I want to see on the spinoff series.


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Ah, to hear Eric Matthews utter Mr. Feeny’s name again would bring such solace. The good news is that Will Friedle’s name is on the IMDB page for “unknown episodes.” It doesn't mean we'll definitely see Eric, but there is a good chance he'll be back this season. Eric really was the main comic relief on the show and a part of me really hopes that he'll return as Plays With Squirrels. Any true BMW fan should know exactly what I am talking about, and if you don’t or have forgotten, please watch the scene above. For all we know, it predicts what's ahead on GMW.


What happened when Angela got back from Europe? Did her and Shawn get back together? Seriously, this question kept me up at night when I was just a young middle schooler crying over the series finale. If GMW does not clear this up, it might be the worst thing Disney Channel has ever done. There’s still no definite word on whether Trina McGee will be guest starring on the show, but we really hope so—especially if her appearance coincides with Rider Strong's. Also, did you know that she’s 44 years old? Girl is lookin’ amazing!


So I didn’t particularly love Rachel, but she was one of the main characters on BMW and it would definitely be fun to see her make an appearance, especially since Maitland Ward hasn’t done too much acting since then. Also, I was completely oblivious to the fact that she played Brittany Wilson in White Chicks. Mind. Blown.


Is it too much to ask that they bring back the sexy single teacher who rode his motorcycle to school like a total badass? Jonathan Turner was by far the best teacher at John Adams High (sorry Eli, you were cool too). So where is Anthony Tyler Quinn now? He’s guest starred on some shows including House and Pretty Little Liars (umm, looks like I will be going back to that one random episode in which he played “Ron” ASAP). He also told HuffPost TV that if asked, he would love to appear on the show. I knew I loved you for a reason, Mr. Turner.


He just wanted to write poetry, you guys. Seriously, Cory was there for Frankie when he didn’t want to wrestle. All he wanted to do was write poetry and be a bully in his downtime. Aren’t you the least bit curious about what happened to him? I bet he’s settled down with a really beautiful wife who appreciates his poetry and had some adorable babies who are also both extremely intelligent and tough. Not that I’ve thought too long and hard about it or anything.


Okay, it’s super unrealistic for me to hope that Adam Scott decides to leave his role as Ben Wyatt for a day to reprise his role as bully Griff, but even back then he was one of my favorite parts about the show. He was replaced by the returned Harley (who will be appearing on the show, by the way), probably because Scott just looks too much like a nice guy. It would be nice to watch Harley and Griff duke it out for the biggest jerk of John Adams High again.

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