The Guys Who No One Wanted to Win Just Won on MTV

As much as we'd like to be surprised by Thursday night's results on the finale of The Challenge: Free Agents...none of us really were. Johnny Bananas and Laurel took home the grand prizes after having the fastest individual times for the combined insane events. After spending an entire season in Uruguay, the final challengers were shipped off to the Andes Mountains in Chile where they faced grueling competitions in rapids, cliffs, volcanoes, and everywhere in between. With Cara Maria and CT knocked out in the penultimate episode, it was as if the fate of the season was already sealed. As much as we all loved Devyn and as much as Zach seemed like actual competition to one Jonathan D. Bananas, there was really never a question as to who was taking home $125,000.

In the first series of team events, Laurel and Bananas creamed the competition in white water rafting and set their pace for the rest of the finale. Were it not for one pesky spider while racing up a horrifyingly narrow trail, Nany MAY have had a shot at taking down Laurel. Like every classic Challenge finale, there was a puzzle round that left everyone stumped. However, it was the 25-mile stationary bike race that was the most heartless and cruel creation of The Challenge's devious creators. That is until Laurel, Bananas, Devyn, Zach, Johnny, and Nany had to scale a snowy active volcano. Even then, Laurel and Bananas barely faltered.

Even though our eyes (and probably even TJ's) rolled when Bananas and Laurel won the finale, we were at least proud of Devyn for finishing and impressed that rookie Johnny made it so far. What's even more delicious about this season of The Challenge is that we've got some seriously harsh battles already brewing for another season of Rivals. With so many hook-ups on this season, we also may have puh-lenty of return favorites for another Battle of the Exes. Though I wouldn't be surprised if we saw another season of Free Agents on deck. The competition was never fiercer and the game was never harder to play. At the very least, we might get a Nany/Cohutta wedding special. Bring it on, Challengers.

Image: MTV