His Nephew is in Critical Condition

Liam Neeson is going to need the love and support of his fans today. On Thursday, Neeson's nephew Ronan Sexton was hospitalized following serious head injuries that he sustained during a fall. The 31 year old man, who is the son of Neeson's sister Bernadette Sexton, is in critical condition.

According to the Associated Press, there is no foul play suspected in the incident. Police report that Sexton was out with some friends and fell from on top of a telephone box that he had climbed in southern England. The fall was 20 feet. Sexton was originally taken to local Royal Sussex County Hospital before being transferred to a neurological center at Hurstwood Park Hospital.

The circumstances of Sexton's accident are particularly difficult for Neeson considering he has lost a loved one in a similar situation before. In 2009, Neeson's wife Natasha Richardson died from a fatal injury she received during a freak skiing accident. Sexton remains at the neurological center, but there have been no positive updates on his condition thus far.

The accident happened on Sunday, but the Telegraph reports that mother Bernadette Sexton spent all day Thursday at Ronan Sexton's bedside. They also report that Neeson has been in contact with his sister concerning Ronan Sexton's condition.

Neeson, who is best known for such things as being one of the most in-demand action heroes even at 60 years old and, as recent as April, for the animal welfare protestors who camped outside Neeson's home, has yet to speak publicly about his nephew since the accident. However, our hearts go out to him as we hope that he doesn't lose any more family members to accidents like this one.