25 Stunning Plus-Size Wedding Dresses For Every Style Of Nuptial Affair

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People always say that little girls dream of their wedding days pretty much from the age of 5. But for me, that wasn't really the case. As soon as I was old enough to realize I was chubby, I avoided thinking about anything that included clothes shopping of any kind. I'd heard a few older relatives complain about the woes of wedding dress shopping, so I figured if it was difficult for thin women, it must've been a nightmare for plus-size ones.

As the plus-retail market grows, however, so too does the variety of wedding dresses designed for fuller-figured women. It's still far from ideal in terms of quantity of retailers and brands that stock wedding attire in sizes 14+, but in terms of quality, the dresses out there are truly stunning.

Because summertime is synonymous with wedding season (with more weddings happening from June through August than the rest of the year), I thought I'd round up my favorite dresses on the market. By now, our social media news-feeds are filled with brides-to-be posting pictures of their locations, Tweeting about their rings and seeking support in times of dress search struggles. So here are 25 magical options, from formal to casual and everything in between, and in all styles and silhouettes. Enjoy!

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