Wanna See Him On a Horse? (Yes. Yes You Do.)

by Mallory Schlossberg

You can profess your love for Tom Hiddleston tonight on a mountain top and no one will ever judge you. (Save for the mountain villagers who want to get some sleep.) And if you really feel that passionate about your Hiddleston love, here's something you need to take a look at: GIFs of Tom Hiddleston riding a horse. Yes, that's right. The wonderful Tumblr user Smittentomkitten (yup, it's a Tumblr entirely devoted to all things Hiddleston), has made some excellent GIFs from Hiddleston's work in the 2012 PBS mini series, The Hollow Crown: Henry V , which features Hiddleston as the titular king.

Your eyes are not deceiving you — Tom Hiddleston, the King. I'll let you have your moment to swoon right now.

Okay! Had a fun time swooning? While you may currently associate the actor with The Avengers franchise, Hiddleston's more than just an action hero — he's a serious actor! In fact, he's very well-versed in Shakespeare. If you already knew that Hiddleston had serious chops as a thespian or you've seen his performance as Henry V, then rest assured, you probably already know the power these GIFs hold as they perfectly capture some of his most regal moments. And if you haven't seen Henry V, you still probably know there ain't nothin' like a Hiddle-GIF on horseback.

So! Enjoy the GIFs below. Try not to get too hot and bothered. (These are totally SFW, by the way. Your thoughts after you see them? Maybe not so much.)

Here he is, ridin' on a horse:

And here are some other regal GIFs for ya:

You always need a running GIF. Always.

So regal... And while we're at it, we might as well watch one of his famous speeches from Henry V. So now, for your viewing pleasure, here is Tom Hiddleston performing Henry V's "St. Crispin's Day" speech. Enjoy!

Images: smittentomkitten/Tumblr