All The Ways 'Into The Storm' Looks Exactly Like 'Twister' — PHOTOS

The summer movie season wouldn't be complete without at least one mega-disaster/natural catastrophe movie under its belt. This season's offering brings us Into The Storm, a documentary-style thriller that follows a group of high school students and storm chasers as they try to survive the biggest swell of tornadoes the world has ever seen. The recently released trailer, which we discovered via UProxx, shows a post-apocalyptic nightmare where tornadoes made of fire and storm circuits bigger than Twister, Dante's Peak, and The Day After Tomorrow combined take over the planet. In short, the world looks like it's going to be ripped to shreds... unless a rag-tag team of teenagers and scientists can save the day! (Wait, did we just repeat one of the subplots of Wet Hot American Summer? Yup, we certainly did).

As chilling as this new trailer looks, we can't help but be reminded of the grandfather of all tornado films (because tornado films is a genre, people!) — Twister. Not only do the main characters (the tornadoes) look like those in Twister, there are dozens of plot points, characters, and even shot-by-shot images that are more than a little familiar.

We know it's hard to make a film about tornadoes without everyone going, "HEY THAT'S JUST LIKE TWISTER," but Into the Storm's latest trailer isn't doing the film any favors to stray from the comparison.

Here are all the ways Into the Storm looks exactly like Twister:

Into the Storm has helicopters....

Where Twister had cows.

Into the Storm has this plucky sidekick....

"Dude! The hair on my arms!"

While Twister had Dusty (played by the incredible Philip Seymour Hoffman).

Into the Storm has people being sucked up from an underground shelter...

While Twister had the exact same thing.

Into the Storm has a tough girl who lacks sleeves at its center...

While Twister had a sleeveless Helen Hunt.

Into the Storm has these splitting tornadoes....

While Twister had sisters. "WE'VE GOT SISTERS!"

WBMoviesOnline on YouTube

Into the Storm has this storm-tracking Batmobile...

Where Twister had Dorothy.

Into the Storm refuses to let any barn survive....

And well, who could forget this moment in Twister when they got stuck in the mud?

Oh, and that thing with all that hail...

That happened in Twister, too.

Check out the trailer and see how it compares:

Warner Bros. UK on YouTube

Sure, Into the Storm looks like a lot like Twister... but that doesn't mean we won't go see it.

Images: New Line Cinema/Warner Bros.; Warner Bros. UK Trailers/ YouTube(8) NerdBong(2); Warner Bros. (5)