'The Bachelor' Should Do a Season on The Farm

Even though he's yet to get his marching orders, we're pretty confident that The Bachelorette's Chris "The Farmer" Soules won’t be the guy for Andi in the end, but he definitely deserves to become the next bachelor. Even though his gorgeous face will take him through the hometown visit, their vastly different lifestyles will be the demise of Andi and Chris’ romance. In an interview with International Business Times, Chris said that if he could’ve asked Andi something on the lie detector test, it would be, “Could she see herself dating a farmer and being with a farmer for the rest of her life.” Clearly, Chris has no plans of leaving his Iowa life for someone and Andi would never leave her home in Atlanta for Iowa. In her defense, most people probably wouldn't. I’ve driven through Iowa once and stopped at a mall that actually transported me back to 1995; it was a weird place.

Nonetheless, from the looks of the promo, Andi will be drunk (shocking, I know) with this cute midwestern guy’s family and it’s going to be comedic gold for all of us. But what will become of Chris when he is inevitably sent home? There’s no denying that he’s hot and has a pretty decent personality from what we’ve seen thus far, which are basically the two requirements Chris Harrison and ABC look for in a Bachelor. Chris is clearly someone who's kind, sweet, and deserves to find someone. So here we go: Chris for The Bachelor Season 19!


We imagine that the girls on Chris’ theoretical season of The Bachelor would be a smorgasbord of ladies from Farmersonly.com and city girls who’ve never seen a live cow in their entire lives. Could you imagine if for one season, they swapped the home town visit had the top three girls go to Chris’ hometown and farm for a day? I mean, imagine what some of them would look like while mucking? That would be reality show magic. Take note, Mr. Harrison.


Last week, we learned it was Chris behind all the letters and secret admiration for Andi. I for sure had Nick V. pegged as the admirer, but clearly the farmer’s got some tricks up his sleeve. Maybe he genuinely felt like it was the only way to tell Andi how he feels, but there’s normally one guy in the bunch that uses letters and poems to try and win the Bachelorette over. That being said, if he was the next Bachelor, girls would really want to get creative to show him that they can be extra romantic as well, which would be thoroughly entertaining for all of us watching at home.


I know that sounds weird to say, because it doesn’t seem all that exciting, but the show is supposed to be about finding love, not becoming famous. He was a farmer before the show and will return to his small-town life after it’s finished. Staying out of the spotlight is probably much better for a lasting relationship. Being a normal guy will work out to his advantage in the end, especially because it will weed out all the girls who are just there for some screen time.


Unlike some of the guys who are extremely competitive on the show, Chris knows that even though they are there to vie for Andi’s attention, it’s okay to make friends in the process. On June 22, the farmer made a trip to Chicago and met up with Nick V., which is pretty adorable if you ask me. There also seems to be a budding bromance between Chris and Marcus. Basically it comes down to being a good sport about things, which is a good quality for our next Bachelor to have, especially when the girls inevitably get a little nutty.


As many of you likely already know, Reality Steve is generally pretty dead on when it comes to The Bachelor and Bachelorette predictions. I am not sure how he knows all of the things, but I am impressed by his constantly accurate predictions and he claimed months ago that Chris would be lucky number 19, if he wanted to be, of course. Unfortunately for Chris, Reality Steve also outed Chris' status, saying “He’s loaded,” which means there will be plenty of girls who “aren’t there for the right reasons.”


I don’t really feel like we need more than that one-liner, but alright. After last season's disastrous run, The Bachelor needs a guy who isn’t a complete d-bag. Honestly, anyone would be better than JP was, but we really need a strong comeback to wash away the awful memories. Chris is the same age as Juan Pablo, but seems mature enough to have his life together... at least together enough to say a little something more than "it's okay" throughout 99 percent of his conversations.

Images: ABC (2); Crushable (Gif)