Shia LaBeouf's Arrest Is The Tip of the Iceberg

Remember when Shia LaBeouf was the former Disney star whom everyone said had escaped the curse of child stars going insane? I miss those days. As I'm sure you know, his bad behavior has culminated with an arrest recently when he interrupted a performance of Cabaret on Broadway at Studio 54 — but his antics at the show aren't the only crazy stuff he's been getting into. TMZ reports that Shia LaBeouf was banned from an LA restaurant for peeing outside in its parking lot just a month prior, meaning that his worrisome, questionable behavior has been going on for longer than anyone thought.

Here are the details: apparently, LaBeouf went to The Local Peasant in Sherman Oaks this past May, and after hanging out for four hours, headed towards the back rather suspiciously. When the manager followed, he found LaBeouf peeing on the side of the building in the parking lot, so he "called him out," according to TMZ, and asked him to leave. Though LaBeouf allegedly apologized, he later returned to order food and was once again asked to leave. LaBeouf left in anger, and both he and the restaurant said they no longer wanted anything to do with each other.

This most recent arrest wasn't his first, either; he was arrested for being intoxicated in a Walgreens in 2007, followed by a DUI crash in 2008. He's also been a loose cannon in interviews and public appearances, dissing most of his own films among other things.

Then, of course, there was the plagiarism fiasco in late 2013, followed by that "I'm not famous" thing, and some public brawling. It's sad to see a star decline so intensely, especially one that was regarded as an exception to the rule. So, seriously...what's going on with this guy?