Miley Cyrus Won't Be Returning This New Puppy

After months of Miley Cyrus mourning the loss of her dog Floyd, breaking down in front of a live audience beside a Floyd statue at one of her shows and even returning a dog her mother got her because it was too soon, we finally have some good news for you. Get excited Smilers, because Cyrus finally has finally moved on with a new pup to obsess over.

The Adore You singer made an announcement on Instagram Saturday to let her fans know that she recently “welcomed Emu Coyne Cyrus into the family a couple days ago,” initially keeping her new friend a secret. Though she did make it a point to state that having Emu didn’t mean she was replacing Floyd and that she “felt my angel Floydy give Emu his blessing,” her message seemed to express excitement over having her new dog.

“I prayed to Floyd to just give him a touch of his awesomeness and he has,” Cyrus said. “He is so special and different than my baby Floyd and I think Floyd did that on purpose. I feel like this is a new beginning in so many ways. I feel a change coming on.”

Already posting several photos of Emu to social media, including an adorable one where he looks like he’s asleep on Cyrus’ shoulder while she’s showering with him, it looks like there is indeed a change in the singer. This is truly fantastic news and we couldn’t be happier for the pair after everything that Cyrus has been through.

Images: Miley Cyrus/Instagram