The Duggars Do Go to College...Sort Of

If there's one thing we've learned about 19 Kids & Counting 's Duggar family, it's that for them, the unusual way is usually the right way. Whether Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are teaching their daughters about the strict rules of courtship or getting their children to help with the chores required to sustain a super-sized household, they've managed to master a system of their own that fits their family perfectly, especially when it comes to their children's educations.The Duggars are proud supporters of homeschooling, and, on their show, promote the idea that the world is their classroom (how quaint!). However homeschooling only lasts so long, leaving fans to speculate on what happens next and if the Duggars go to college.

From Bible studies to math and history lessons to field trips across the country, Jim Bob and Michelle have diverted from the traditional idea of education and created a learning process of their own. Therefore, it pretty much makes complete sense that the traditional idea of college is not in their playbook. Instead, the family focuses on hands-on experiences and, according to Michelle's blog, courses from an online schooling system known as CollegePlus, which is also a Christian organization.

A few of our kids are taking courses right now, and I think some of them will go for their degrees in whichever areas they decide, and then I think some of them may not really go for the full degree— but they're getting knowledge and information for skills that they want to gain. All my kids are different, and it will be interesting as time goes on to see which direction each one will take.

Basically, no, none of the Duggar children have gone to a traditional college. But it kind of totally makes sense considering that paying for 19 children to go to college would make anyone instantly dry in the mouth. Which brings us to the most important and juicy question of them all: How much would it cost for the Duggars to send all 19 of their children to college? Let's do some math. According to a College Board report on the 2013-2014 academic school year, the average cost for an in-state public college education is $22,826 per year and the average cost for a private school education is $44,750 per year. So, if all 19 Duggars went to a public college for four years, that means the family would have to pay approximately $1,734,776, and if they all went to a private college, they'd have to pay about $3,401,000. Let's all just digest those numbers for a moment.

Amiright or amiright? Those numbers are way too high. Sending two children to college is a noble feat these days, so, considering that they have over nine times that number of children, it definitely makes sense that the Duggars don't go the normal college route.

So what do the older children actually do once they've graduated from their homeschooling? Well, most of them take online courses and then pursue an area of their interest. Jana and Jill are studying to become midwives, Jinger is studying photography, Josh currently works in politics — he's as a lobbyist for the extremely conservative Family Research Council — Joseph is working at a fire department, and John-David is training to be a pilot... and a fireman... and a police officer. You dream big, John-David.

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