Women Are Dangerous, Use Axe As Protection?

Axe has been warning men for years that using their products will lead to being chased by hordes of hot and horny women. But now, apparently men also need to use Axe to stay away from these hot women. Yes, it's as uncreative as it sounds, and Axe still portrays us as cave people: Women are sexually desired possessions and men are uncontrollable sexual machos who need to get laid.

In the new commercial for Axe's Black Chill, men are shown stumbling around, distracted by women who don't even notice their gawkers. It's "one of the biggest crisis in the history of history," since these women are too hot to handle and men have to keep their paws off. "Girls are getting hotter and hotter," explains the ad. We can only assume by the photos of less and less dressed women throughout the century that "girls are getting nakeder and nakeder" is what they mean. Victim-blaming much?

"This is causing guys to lose their cool," according to Axe. It was tough enough dealing with a bare ankle, now how can men manage such a hard task as resisting these evolved temptresses? Again, note that none of the women pay any attention to men in the commercial — seems like this might be the main problem. And, you know, who knows what a man could do to a beautiful unsuspecting lady if he didn't have the help of Axe? "It helps guys keep their cool," says the ad, "before it's too late." Wait, what? "Too late?" Axe must know how rapey that sounds.

This ad shows how Axe continuous to be degrading to women, but it also scores pretty high on insulting men. The idea that men can't get through the day when forced to interact with the opposite sex is pretty ridiculous. It's even more worrisome that Axe's target audience is men aged 18 to 24. Basically, Axe aims these ads at men who still haven't formed a clear picture of the world — odds are, Axe boys will think it's normal to view women as beautiful objects to draw in with cheap perfume.

Image: Mik Connolly on Flickr