Revolve Clothing Model Loses Toes to Photoshop

Today's biggest photoshopping fail is a doozy. A model on the Revolve Clothing mobile app had her toes removed due to overzealous use of the blurring tool. Somehow the photo passed muster and was allowed to go live, giving us a good glimpse of what a real woman would look like if she had Barbie feet.

This mishap is even more bizarre than the incident where Target photoshopped an embarrassingly unrealistic thigh gap onto a junior bikini model earlier this year. In that case, as terrible as it is to say, we know that the photo editor was trying to make the model appear as thin as possible, resulting in the creation of a Frankenstein-esque horror that belongs in a Tim Burton film. With Revolve, it's harder to understand what was going on. Why was the blurring tool even applied to her toes in the first place?

These are HER TOES for crying out loud. Are we going to argue that her toes weren't flawless enough to go un-photoshopped? I think they could have been left well-enough alone, but noooo. Now they have been replaced by a fuzzy blurred area where her toes should be. To be fair, the rest of her lower legs and feet are unconvincingly photoshopped as well.


The product advertised is a pair of cute Eberjey shorts with a chevron print and a sweet uneven hemline. They look like a great pair of pajama shorts or a nice option for a beach coverup. Too bad the eerie webbed feet on the model will scare anyone off the webpage long before they have a chance to actually buy the shorts.


The mistake seems to only be on the mobile app, so if you shop at Revolve's regular website you should be able to look at the shorts without also having nightmares about toe-less feet for the rest of your days. Mobile app users, on the other hand — enjoy the insomnia.