If Alexis Is Returning To 'RHOC,' She's Being Coy

This season of The Real Housewives of Orange County is flying by, and so far is one of the best in its nine seasons. However if the producers want even more sparks to fly, they might want to start by reintroducing old blood back into the cast. Season 8 castoff Alexis Bellino, the wannabe television anchor and anti-middle-aged-woman-bullying advocate, hasn’t been up to much in the offseason, so could she possibly have the time to return to RHOC ?

Her social media accounts have been silent on the matter — not so much as a selfie with Andy Cohen has popped up on her Instagram. And her website hasn’t been updated since the premiere of Season 8 back in 2013. For the time being, Alexis seems content with being a wife, mom, and co-owner of the Anaheim Skyzone, an indoor trampoline park. That is, until she posted a suspicious Instagram about two weeks ago.

The photo shows Alexis getting her makeup done as a professional camera looks on. Perhaps a reality show camera? The caption doesn't give much away, and the hashtags just make us even more curious. With #hmmmmmmm and #mysteryjob, Alexis seems to be enjoying keeping all of her RHOC fans anxiously waiting for any updates. Check it out for yourself and make your own guess.

But even if that mystery job is actually a return to RHOC, we wouldn’t have that much to gain. The new cast is humming along, with plenty of feuds, friendships, and (most importantly) fake babies. Heather manages to annoy just about everyone, Tamra’s willing to do anything so long as a producer whispers it in her ear, Shannon is completely bonkers in the least relatable and yet most likeable way, Vicki is struggling with her daughter off in Oklahoma and only Brooks to keep her company, and Lizzie looks like a Disney On Ice version of Princess Jasmine.

If there’s anyone who’s missing, it’s Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley, whose treacly engagement at the end of Season 8 seemed to tease a wedding spinoff, not an abrupt departure. But so long as they claim they left the show voluntarily and would rather appear on Marriage Boot Camp, it seems better for the RHOC cast to move forward rather than try to double back.