When Can We Expect Her Next Bundle of Joy?

The Shepard-Bell household is just teeming with adorable creatures like babies and dogs. But does this mean they’re about to stop multiplying? Hell no! Recently, news broke that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are expecting baby number two. The reveal of Bell’s pregnancy is still very fresh and very little else has been revealed about the couple's second stork visit. Luckily, our mental math skills are sharp and so are our research abilities. When exactly is Kristen Bell due? (And for how many more months will she be having pregnant sex?) The new baby may arrive sooner than you think.

The couple made the announcement in June, so we could just be lazy and calculate nine months from then, but that’s the way quitters estimate due dates! We’re treating this as a longitudinal study and there’s a lot to be learned from how they did things last time.

The first time around, Shepard and Bell held off on making a pregnancy announcement until she was already several months along. Shepard and Bell announced to Us Weekly in early November 2012 that they were expecting their first child. Five months later on March 28, 2013, baby girl Lincoln was born. If we can learn anything from their past pregnancy reveal, we can guess that Bell may already be a few months along. If she is already three to four months into her pregnancy, we can surmise that Lincoln’s little brother or sister is five to six months away. It's so beautiful we could cry!

Also, guys, there are baby bump photos to analyze! In an article published by the Daily Mail on June 26th, the former Veronica Mars actress was shown in the parking lot of an L.A. Bed Bath and Beyond sporting a slight baby bump. As an aside, this is why we enjoy Bell so much. While most members of the Hollywood glitterati are spotted leaving the Chateau Marmont, she’s photographed leaving the place where we buy our towels. Maybe, there was a Petsmart next door and she was merely grabbing a doggy bed for the newest member of their family. Don't get too comfortable, buddy.

Okay, so we know that any supposed bump could just be there aftermath of burrito day. Not to mention, Bell’s “baby bump” looks like my stomach after a couple days of light meals and exercise. Given that we have photos to compare this alleged bump to, we can glean Bell’s progress. Back in November of 2012, a story in Us Weekly showed Kristen with a slight prego slope and this bump distinctly resembles the one she’s sporting nowadays.

If this couple has their pregnancy PR as down pat as it appears and this situation is being handled in a similar way to their last one, it’s wise to set the date at five to six months away. Also, this means we can expect a holiday baby. News that is surely more exciting for the family than 18,000 sloth videos!

Image: Giphy