What Did This WASPY Woman Think of Pride?

Remember our pal Kate the Wasp? She's comedian Kate Hendrick's signature character, a satire on the prototypical privileged white woman. Well, she’s back, and this time she’s wreaking havoc on the NYC Pride Parade. She may have been the most uncomfortable woman there, and she may have put her Tory Burch-clad foot in her mouth a number of time… but let’s give her a round of applause for trying new things, shall we?

This isn’t a new Kate the Wasp video; Hendricks first took her hilariously uptight character to the Pride parade in 2012, and the delightful montage seen below is the result. Given all the spectacular moments from this year’s Pride celebration, though, we feel it’s worth revisiting. Clad in a pale pink cocktail dress and her signature string of pearls (all the better to clutch you with, my dear), our favorite WASP draped herself in beaded necklaces, talked to some motorcycle groups, and gave some suburban-style hugs to the LGBT community — and by golly, don’t you just love her for it?

You know, for all her astonishingly un-PC antics, you kind of have to give the character credit for at least making an effort to expand her horizons. Sure, Kate the Wasp can be a bit mindlessly offensive; but even with all her “OMG did you seriously just say that?” moments, I’ve got hope that she learns from each incident. At least she’s self-aware enough to know when she says questionable things, even if she doesn’t realize it until afterwards — her “Birkenstock in mouth, all day” comment proves it.

Is anyone else curious about how the actual Kate the Wasps of the world would react to Hendricks’ character? Seriously — I don’t think I know enough people like her to carry out the experiment myself, but I’d love to see what they make of her. Anyone out there in Internetland feel like taking it on? If yes, do report back to us — inquiring minds want to know!

Image: KatetheWasp/YouTube