Who Would Win This Face-Off?

Once you come to the realization that Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart are basically the same person, it can be really difficult to unknow it. When the Internet posed the theory that Lawrence and Stewart are oddly similar but treated differently, it was kind of a game changer. Okay, so the game hasn't exactly been changed by that shocking revelation, but it's still really interesting that Kristen Stewart is pretty much despised while Jennifer Lawrence is pretty much loved when the two actresses have more than just a few things in common. After all, Jennifer Lawrence is the top actress on Forbes' Celebrity 100 while Kristen Stewart was written out of her own movie sequel. Ouch.

If a contest between the two of them was just a matter of public opinion, then J. Law would win just by proxy of being America's current sweetheart. But if they were matched up in all of their other categories, would Lawrence really come out on top? If the difference between Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence is really just a matter of how we, as the audience, perceives them, then could it be possible that K. Stew can out-J. Law Jennifer Lawrence or would Jennifer Lawrence completely out-K. Stew Kristen Stewart?

In an official face-off, it's about time we find out which girl comes out on top.

ROUND ONE: Nicknames

Jennifer Lawrence is known by the affectionate moniker of J. Law. Kristen Stewart is known by the equally affectionate moniker of K. Stew. Although she hasn't expressed as much hatred for her nickname as R. Patz has expressed over his, the fact still remains that J. Law makes it sound like Lawrence is going to lay down the law on Hollywood and K. Stew makes it sound like Stewart is something edible. Lawrence definitely wins the cool nickname game.

ROUND TWO: Awkwardness

The best word to describe Jennifer Lawrence would be "adorkable" because of her sweet and endearing awkwardness, but Kristen Stewart has her completely beat at the awkward game. From the moment Twilight launched Stewart to superstardom, it was clear that she was completely uncomfortable being in the spotlight. Every time she tried to be more outgoing and enthusiastic than she actually was so as not to be accused of being, well, cold and ungrateful, it was just as painful for us to watch as it was for her to do. Stewart is the kind of awkward no one wants to admit they are: the actually shy, genuinely embarrassing awkward.

ROUND THREE: Clumsiness

Kristen Stewart might have called herself "clumsy around certain people", but it takes a special kind of clumsy person to trip on the red carpet every year. When you have a gif circulating of you spilling a roll of mints at a press conference and looking up wide-eyed like you hope no one noticed, then I think you get to continue wearing the crown for the klutzy queen for at least another year. This one goes to Jennifer Lawrence.

ROUND FOUR: Potty Mouths

Jennifer Lawrence may have cursed at Bradley Cooper on the red carpet and flipped off the paparazzi, but Kristen Stewart will always, always have her beat on being a potty mouth. Stewart has cursed out the paparazzi, she's cursed during interviews, she's cursed on the blooper reels of her films, and generally all of her cast mates agree that she's the one who swears the most on set. So. Yeah. Winner.

ROUND FIVE: British Boyfriends

Don't get me wrong. Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult — a.k.a. Joult — are definitely the cutest couple out there right now. However, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were a phenomenon back in their heyday, helped along by the fact that they were starring opposite one another in Twilight. This face-off isn't about whether Nicholas Hoult is superior to Robert Pattinson or vice versa, but I'm on Team Pattinson.

ROUND SIX: Lead in a Franchise

Kristen Stewart beating out Jennifer Lawrence for the role of Bella Swan in Twilight was the best thing that Stewart could have done for Lawrence's career. Is there anyone out there who thinks Bella Swan could take Katniss Everdeen in a fight? Anyone? No? Okay.


No, declaring Kristen Stewart as the winner of the scandals round isn't taking a shot at her for her affair with Rupert Sanders. Instead, it has more to do with how she handled the fallout from that scandal. Stewart issued a public apology to the one person who mattered: Robert Pattinson, her boyfriend at the time. Meanwhile, Lawrence's scandal — the notorious rape joke Lawrence made at the Cannes Film Festival — has yet to be apologized for. Stewart definitely handled her scandal better, in light of that.


At the end of the day, Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence are both fantastic actresses and people who happen to have a lot of things in common. Comparing them is really unfair. They appeal to different kinds of fans because they're, you know, different people. In an official face-off between the two, both actresses would come out on top because women don't need to compete with each other in order to succeed. But you already knew that.

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