Old Photo of Jennifer Lawrence & Kristen Stewart Gives Us a Lot to Think About

Two actresses walk onto a red carpet. They're both wearing white. They both are part of major young adult film franchises. They share similarities, but have totally different careers. Sounds like the opening to a not very funny joke, right? It's actually a discussion happening right now — the Internet collectively pointed out how Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence are both weirdly the same and different. It's well worth the discussion, too. After all, they are both two young, talented actresses, except they yield totally different reactions from fans and the press.

On Tumblr, The Unpopular Opinions opened up a dialogue about why these two actresses, both with their awkward ways, could potentially have similar careers, but the feedback they get from the press is on opposite ends of the celebrity spectrum. Yes, J. Law is extroverted, and K. Stew introverted, but it's definitely more than that. It might be that K. Stew rose to stardom playing emo characters, or not-so-well written characters; there's no denying that Lawrence's Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle were better written than Twilight's screenplay.

And though J. Law's YA heroine Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games is an ass-kicker, Stewart's Bella Swan? Not so much. Do we feel "meh" about K. Stew because she's all XOXO Edward Cullen all the time? Or does it boil down to her reserved personality, and how she rarely cracks a smile, while Jennifer Lawrence is often all-smiles and waving arm fat?

Here's the beginning of the e-discussion:

Food for thought, isn't it.

Image: Imgur