'Bachelorette's Marcus is Basically Jim Halpert

Not so surprisingly, The Bachelorette's Marcus Grodd dropped the big "I love you" last week, despite several men still being in the running. This week, though, Andi Dorfman rewarded his bravery with the first one-on-one in Brussels. The two started their day with a romantic stroll through the town (she needs more glamorous dates) and all of a sudden I realized: Marcus is basically Jim Halpert from The Office. Like Nick Viall reminded us of Forgetting Sarah Marshall 's Jason Segel, I just realized this season has another famous face, and I'm shocked it took me this long to notice it. Perhaps it's because Marcus has shrunk in the background a bit in the Josh/Nick drama of the season. But during his one-on-one everything became clear. (P.S. wouldn't you kill to see Jim Halpert on the Bachelorette? Those side eyes during interviews? Amazing.)

Fortunately Marcus has those hilarious camera glances too. When Nick was talking about how hard a decision it is whether to take Andi home (as if there's really a choice in the matter for contestants, puh-lease) Marcus was staring him down so hard you could practically hear his thoughts: Dude, if it's a hard decision like GTFO because I love this girl. Basically Nick is to Marcus what Roy was to Jim. The frontrunner maybe, but in Marcus/Jim's eyes, not right for her at all.

Like Jim, Marcus is quietly pining for this girl, and scared it won't work out. At the start of their date, Marcus nervously said to the camera, "I'm hopeful she's falling in love." I can just imagine Jim saying the same thing to the camera about Pam in the early days of their relationship.

At the same time, Marcus is painfully aware that the girl he's confessed his love to is dating other people. Much like Jim when Pam and Roy were together.

But that didn't stop either of them from professing their true feelings.

And he admitted during the dinner portion of their date that he's ready for marriage, much earlier than a lot of the guys on the show. Sounds a lot like Jim and his plan A.

So we bet next time you see Marcus you'll realize it's impossible not to picture Jim's face. They're now one in the same.

Maybe that will bode well for Marcus and he, too, will end up with his dream girl. Best of luck to him.

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