Brandon's Luck Is Changing On 'The Fosters'

by Christine DiStasio

Could this be possible? We're only three episodes into The Fosters Season 2, that premiered on June 16, and the ABC Family series might have just redeemed Brandon. I spent a lot of Season 1 hating on Brandon for making Callie's life complicated and guilt-tripping her when she tried to do the right thing. But here we are, in Monday night's "Play," actually believing that we can root for Brandon this season. He's finally moved on from being childish about his injury and not only is he making the best of it, but it's moving on from ill-fated relationship with Callie, too. Go, Brandon — we're on your side.

I mean, it was only a matter of time before Brandon stopped feeling defeated and moved on with his life. But, personally, I'm glad The Fosters chose to do it sooner rather than later. It was bad judgment to think that throwing a house party while Stef and Lena were out of town, but we can forgive him for that if he keeps singing.

Brandon's changing and it's happening at a rapid pace. Just last week he was throwing a tantrum when Stef wouldn't schedule a second surgery on his hand and now he's officially joined Someone's Little Sister. Hey, if he's got the talent, he'd better use it. During the crowd-sourcing-event-turned-house-party Brandon played music, in public, for the first time since he got his major beat-down last season. And it was far less lame than that time he wrote that song for Callie and played it to an empty room. (Awkward.) Sure, it took a challenge — from yet another girl — to get him up on that stage, confronting his preconceptions about his remaining talent, but it happened and it was a breakthrough for him.

Another thing I expected Brandon to take a long time to recover from — Callie moving in and becoming his sister for real and Callie dating Wyatt. And on Monday night, he took both of those factors in stride. So much so that Wyatt said he'd never seen Brandon and Callie act that way towards each other before, like they really are brother and sister. It was a relief to hear that and to notice that Brandon might finally be able to let that go before it destroyed Callie's chances for the life she deserves. Kudos, bro.

Instead, we've got Brandon with a new potential love interest that might actually be tougher than Callie — his new bandmate, Lou. In short, she thinks he's an arrogant, classically trained, egotistical jerk. And she might've been right — if we were talking about last season Brandon. But after the pair performed at the failed house party together, The Fosters introduced the possibility of these two becoming the music scene's new power couple. (A stretch, but I'm hoping for the best for him.) Lou might just turn out to be the best thing for Brandon and the perfect character to keep him on from becoming The Fosters Most Hated Character in Season 2. Maybe.

Image: ABC Family