Is This 'Little Women: LA' Star Pregnant?

by Laura Rosenfeld

I don't think there's anyone out there who doesn't know that Little Women: LA 's Christy McGinty and Todd Gibel are engaged. Christy whips out the ring every chance she gets, especially when her cast mates are around. But now that their relationship status is common knowledge, the million dollar question on everyone's minds is, "Is Christy pregnant?"

A couple of episodes ago, Christy said she was late, which she apparently told the Little Women: LA film crew in one of her "confessional" shots before telling Todd. It turns out the rhythm method she and Todd were using for birth control may not have worked so well this time. And in all seriousness, Christy was apprehensive for good reason. The two hadn't really discussed specifics about their plans for a family, and Todd had a baby daughter with his first wife who sadly passed away just hours after being born. When two little people of the same type of dwarfism have a child together, there is a 25 percent chance they will pass along the same gene to the baby, which is called double dominancy. Children usually do not survive in this case, as Christy describes in the clip below.

Christy was worried that going through that experience has made Todd not want to try to have children, for fear his child would pass away again, and in fact, Todd revealed later in the episode that he would think more carefully about having a child in the future, giving an emotional account of the day he lost his daughter. Christy has two teenage children of her own from her first marriage, Trenton and Autumn Artran. She would later reveal in Little Women: LA that having an unplanned pregnancy with her first husband at a young age, which led to a "shotgun wedding," was one of the factors that contributed to the destruction of their relationship. She was hoping to have a baby at the right time with Todd to avoid those problems.

Christy waited as long as she felt she could before telling Todd about her situation, but by the end of the episode, she had to tell him what was going on. Gibel took the news pretty well, although he did say, "The worst thing is you're pregnant," which was probably not the best choice of words. The two resolved to just take it one step at a time and take a pregnancy test the next day before anyone freaked out too much.

However, it looks like Christy never actually got to take that pregnancy test. You know Lifetime would've showed the dramatic reveal if she did. Right at the beginning of the next episode, Christy revealed that Aunt Flo had come to town, and all was right with the world. So it seems that Christy is not pregnant, which is probably for the best considering she's still got a wedding to plan and rub in the faces of the other ladies of Little Women: LA. Plus, she said she wanted to do the wedding thing before she considered having more children. Now she and Todd have plenty of time to discuss their future and hopefully find a more reliable method of contraception in the meantime.

Image: Lifetime