The Farmer's Not So Innocent

There are four men left on Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette: The Jock, The Hot One (hey, I'm just sayin' what Andi would call him), The Farmer, and Nick V. Out of these, you probably think The Farmer, Chris Soules, is the most innocent. He's just a country gentleman who is there for the right reasons. Well, this may be, but it also seems he has a bit of a... wild side. Nah, I'm just trying to make it sound intriguing. He's a criminal. The Bachelorette 's Chris Soules has 13 guilty charges for various vehicle-related activities such as driving under the influence, driving with an open container of alcohol, and quite a few for speeding. Oh, The Farmer, you are not living up to the reality show stereotype (the sweet, thoughtful one who will totally be the next Bachelor ) we all placed upon you.

Radar Online reports that according to Iowa State court records, Chris' first run in with the law occurred in 1998 when he was 16 and was caught speeding six to ten miles over the speed limit. From this point on, Chris racked up the charges which include: possession of alcohol under age (three times), failure to maintain control of a vehicle, driving with an open container of alcohol, speeding, running a stop sign, and for a fight that occurred on Valentine's Day. His last charge was in 2010 for a registration violation.

For his guilty charges, Chris was fined, sentenced to community service, and served a year of probation.

It's hard to tell if this says more about Chris or about the small town in which he grew up — it only has 461 people! The cops had to have something to do. Driving under the influence is inexcusable, don't get me wrong, and hopefully Chris has really learned his lesson there. But as for the underage possession charges, I'm thinking he got caught because the town sheriff knew exactly how many underage people were in the town (like, fifty?) and was able to keep track of them all.

If Andi chooses Chris (she won't), she doesn't need to worry about his crazy past, because it seems that he's over it at this point. He's 32 now and has to take care of his farming responsibilities! As for Chris becoming the new Bachelor, all I have to say is at least the worst of him is already out there. As we know, that is not the case with everyone:

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