Kim Kardashian Makes First Post-Baby Appearance... Sort Of. Enough Of This!

We've all been waiting for Kim Kardashian's first post-baby appearance, and this morning we got it... sort of. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and new mom sent a video, through Sean Diddy Combs, to Kris Jenner's TV show, Kris. But is that enough? It was bad enough that Kim and Co. hyped that baby's birth for months, then her name (by delaying its announcement), and, now, Kardashian's first appearance, which was basically a Skype session that lasted 20 seconds. So... thanks guys, for that.

It was bad enough watching Kardashian's story appear on a People cover at the very first opportunity. It was even worse when Jenner brought out that fake North West on the set of her show. Since North West's birth, we've been inundated by a whole bunch of nothing from the Kardashian clan. And at this point, the initial "they're stupid but we kind of like them" feelings about their massive corporate empire and reality show have morphed and twisted into something else. Personally, I'm rather sickened, and I imagine other people feel the same way.

For those who closely follow the Kardashians, watching the middle sister send in some sappy video message about how amazing her mom is, with only the most obtuse reference to the baby that at this point has earned her significant air time and millions of dollars, is just lackluster. And given that the Kardashians are famous for basically being Kardashians, they really can't afford to keep chugging along just getting by. We don't tune into their multiple shows, buy their clothes or fragrances, and follow them in the news because we like them personally — we follow them because they are a spectacle. And without the spectacle, there is simply no Kardashian brand to sell.

We're not impressed with a 20-second promotional video, and it certainly doesn't inspire me to tune in to Kris, since we're clearly not going to see hide nor hair of Kim and her baby North there for a long time, if ever. The Kardashians knowingly sold their souls for fame, so it's unreasonable to do a midway-switch and expect their viewing audience to just bop along agreeably. If the royals can release a name and a picture of their baby within 24 hours of his birth, I'm fairly certain the Kardashians could do the same.