Kris Jenner Uses Random Baby to Trick Us Into Watching Her New Talk Show

The buzz raged for all of a minute and half when Kris Jenner captioned a photo of herself holding a baby, "You never know who will stop by our show today!" Her talk show Kris debuts today in a few markets, and everyone was like, oooh, could it be North West, the most illusive baby in Hollywood? We were all aflutter ... until it was announced that the baby, in fact, belongs to a staff member.

And now it seems fair to ask: did Kris Jenner even consider that by setting up this false expectation, she also kind of shit all over the baby she did bring out in public? Probably not, but hey, false expectations are what the Kardashians are all about. She tried to lure us into watching her show by teasing us with a picture of a baby we assumed to be North West, so inevitably when it wasn't, people were like "UGH FRICKIN' BABY. WE DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT ONE." But ... that's still an actual baby, and to have such mass media disappointment heaped upon you at such a tender age must be very hard.

Imagine telling that kid someday about their 15 minutes of fame. "Baby, you were once the kid Kris Jenner pretended was North West, ain't that great?" No ... it's just soul crushing and I pity that baby almost as much as I pity North West. Also for the record, babies don't just "show up" to talk shows. They're explicitly brought there and probably drugged or something so they don't puke, cry, poop or generally act like babies while they're there.

Personally, I'm pretty sure a baby would be the most boring talk show guest ever. Imagine if it really was North West. About 30 seconds beyond the big reveal we'd all be staring wordlessly at a baby staring wordlessly into space because that's what babies do. All North West can do right now is continue to be alive, that's how young she is, and even doing that requires help. Snoooooze.

But here we go again with the fame-hungry Kardashians, going to any length to promote their new product or in this case, a TV show. It's a little sickening to watch a family sell everything personal for profit, like Kim's wedding photos, and Kim's story on giving birth, isn't it?

I get that when it comes to the Kardashians this is a rhetorical question but, is nothing sacred? When Kris Jenner gets Kanye West on her show for a showdown, you'll have my attention, but waving random babies at the public is probably not going to do the trick.