Bieber & the Cops Worked Things Out for Once

Justin Bieber and the police are still in pretty close contact. Currently, he's taking his reign of terror to Beverly Hills. Police showed up to Justin Bieber's condo in Beverly Hills at 1 a.m. on Tuesday. The reason for the unwelcome visit? A noise complaint, of course. This news comes soon after it was reported the Believe singer annoyed his neighbors at his brand spankin' new (to him, it's rented) Beverly Hills condo. Residents were none too pleased with the weed smoking, late night partying, and overall rowdiness. But really, what do you expect when a smug multimillionaire child moves in next door.

It should be noted that the police weren't even displeased with the partying singer. (Though we imagine that his disgruntled neighbors certainly were.) Police made sure Bieber and the rest of his celebrity guest list — which included Tyrese, Floyd Mayweather, and Johnny Manziel — were compliant with the law and quieted down. Which they did. Do you believe that? Justin Bieber following orders!

Interestingly enough, E! News points out that Bieber was also partying with Chantel Jeffries who was with him when he was busted for that controversial DUI in Miami. This leaves the question of where the heck sometimes-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, was when this all went down? Wherever Gomez may have been, it bodes well that she's staying away from the trouble. Whether that means their relationship is on the rocks (again) or not, who knows! Their relationship is really confusing. No one will ever know what's going on there.

For now, let's just hope this means less of this:

And more of this:

Images: Tumblr, Teen.com