KFC Served Deep-Fried Towel Instead Of Chicken To A 7-Year-Old Boy

One mother in the U.K. got way more than she bargained for when she took her 7-year-old stepson to KFC. As Oliver Hallam bit into a piece of deep-fried chicken, he learned that it was too hard to bite. When he and his mom, Krystal Henderson, inspected it more closely, they learned KFC had served them a deep-fried blue hand towel. Talk about a wake-up call.

Henderson says she went back to the KFC location in Killingworth to complain, only to have the staff inform her that she had to call customer service. Yup, that's exactly what I'd want to hear in the same situation. Henderson says she had to repeatedly call the company to reach anyone. She told The Daily Mail:

Oliver couldn't even eat for a week, according to Henderson — can't say I blame him. On the bright side, Oliver didn't get sick from the towel. Henderson did eventually receive a letter from KFC, which read: "The blue tissue has most likely originated from a tissue roll used for KFC hygiene purposes. The store assumes it must have fallen unseen into the breading lug that is under the sieve and was not noticed by the cook."

KFC offered Henderson a free meal for all of the trouble caused... because that totally makes up for this whole situation. A spokesperson for KFC says:

Well, Henderson and Oliver say they're swearing off KFC for life. Yeah. Fair enough.