Zac Efron Sure Can Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle

by Alanna Bennett

Once upon a time, in a land not at all far away, Zac Efron was the master of the wiggle. High School Musical empowered Efron to enchant the masses with his power to wiggle so well — and to sing emotionally into a golf course pond. Years have passed since that fateful era, but the world has not forgotten. And apparently the wiggling hasn't even ceased. The most recent segment in Efron's dance history comes courtesy of Gianluca Vacchi, who paid the world a great kindness by uploading a video of Efron and two others dancing to a song whose only lyrics appear to be (you guessed it!) "Wiggle wiggle wiggle." It is, we must say, quite mesmerizing.

Efron's always had notable dance moves, but in the years since High School Musical and Hairspray the opportunities to bear contemporary witness to their magic have come few and far between. But the boy's still got it, and he's obviously not afraid to bust it out when doing Very Celebrity Things like vacationing in Italy. It certainly seems like a less stressful European vacation than the one Rob Lowe's family's been having.

You can bear witness to Efron's wiggling below, and relive the best moment of High School Musical below that.