7 Celebs With 4th of July Birthdays Who Deserve an Extra Sparkler In Their Cake

OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH SAAAAYYYY CAAAAN YOUUUUU SEEEEEEEEE... Hey everyone! Happy 4th of July! It's that magical time of year when fireworks, hot dogs, trips to the beach, hamburgers on the grill, fireflies, apple pies, and parades combine for one massive celebration of all the things that make America great. It's America's birthday, so show your love of country with pyrotechnics and meat, just as our forefathers intended. Sure, the U. S. of A. has more than a few sore spots and points of contention going on at the moment (ugh Hobby Lobby), but that doesn't mean we still can't get together and enjoy all of the good. For as many pitfalls we've had over the past year, we've also made many strides forward since the last 4th of July and those should be honored, too.

Along with the birthday of our nation, the 4th of July is also the birthday to many famous faces.

From political figures to actors, authors, and D-list reality stars, the 4th of July is in and of itself a melting pot of birthdays. So when you're raising your Budweiser in the air, toasting your corn on the cob, spelling out your name in the sky with sparklers, or regretting watching Jaws while on a beach vacation — do it for America and do it for these famous faces:

Malia Obama

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Could this BE more American? Malia turns 16 on July 4. I wonder what HER birthday cake looks like...

Neil Simon

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And a very happy birthday to all of my favorite plays from high school English class!

Andrew Zimmern

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For we would not have Bizarre Foods without you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

The Situation

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

May your abs be rock solid and your tan be smooth on your birthday. Happy 32nd, old buddy.

Geraldo Rivera

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thank you for giving us the gift of your mustaches over the years.

Al Madrigal

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cheers to one of our very favorite Daily Show ccorrespondents!

Stephen McNally of BBMAK

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You might be from England, but we won't hold that against you! Swoooon. Happy 36th!

And happy 239th to America. Cheers, y'all.