Whatever Happened to 'Full House's Tahj Mowry?

When you think of Full House characters, perhaps the names DJ, Michelle, Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey immediately spring to mind. However, pondering a little more on the adventures that took place in the beloved San Francisco house will perhaps help you recall Michelle's best friend Teddy. Remember how she dramatically mourned the loss of their friendship when Teddy had to move to Texas because his dad got a new job? Thanks to the Olsen twins' perfect onscreen chemistry with actor Tahj Mowry, that is probably one the most heartbreaking moments in Full House history. Fortunately Mowry's acting career didn't stop there. We've previously caught up with some of the other actors from Full House, but Mowry's acting credentials deserve some acknowledgment of their own. To be frank, he's worked his ass off since his days on the family-friendly sitcom, nabbing various roles on popular shows like Desperate Housewives, Star Trek: Voyager, Friends and BET's The Game, in addition to several TV movies. We'd be remiss if we didn't mention his stint on Sister, Sister and its spin-off Smart Guy, in which Mowry played T.J. Henderson, a cute little genius who made us collectively sigh every time we heard his squeaky laugh and got a peek at those front teeth and ears that he hadn't quite grown into. Over the years, Mowry's repeatedly shown that he deserves to be known as so much more than the younger sibling of his famous twin sisters. In 2003, he attended college on a full football scholarship, but decided that he couldn't quite resist the acting bug and returned to his passion a couple years later. Obviously that was the right decision as Mowry's Hollywood career successfully picked up where it left off. Here's some of what he's been up to since his return:


Aside from acting, Mowry is a talent singer and posted a few cover songs on YouTube. He also played Oliver Twist in the musical Twist and performed a rendition of "Shine Your Light on Me" for the Disney Channel Circle of Stars. Mowry was also featured on a track with Flo-Rida and Boom Boom Satellites.


If Mowry's voice sounds familiar, that's because from 2002-2007, he provided the voice for Wade Load, super genius and sidekick to the title character Kim Possible on the Disney Channel.


For the past two years, Mowry's played the "tell it like it is," no-holds-barred Tucker Dobbs on the ABC sitcom Baby Daddy. Mowry also takes his role of Tucker Dobbs to another level with the mini-series Hey Tucker! in which his character conducts hilariously awkward interviews with the cast of Pretty Little Liars.


Just for fun, here's a pretty cool interview Mowry did for The Wendy Williams Show, which proves that he might have a few a few things in common with his outspoken Baby Daddy character.

Wendy Williams on YouTube

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