Avril Lavigne Gets A Taste of Her Own Appropriating Medicine In "Hello Kitty" Parody — VIDEO

A few months back the Internet exhaled a collective, enthusiastic "YAASSSS, GIRL, YASS" at the spread of a great video that took on whitewashing in Hollywood while getting "Royals" stuck in your head all over again. That video was called "Typecast," and now Tess Paras, the woman behind it, is here to skewer a very related problem. Watch out, Avril Lavigne, your appropriations are getting called out.

Lavigne's "Hello Kitty" video got a lot of...feedback upon its release due to the fact that it's pretty much a giant example of white ladies Columbusing the hell out of an underrepresented culture in the names of cuteness. Now Paras has turned the tables, and the result is a delightful 2:47 of Paras appropriating the hell out of Canada. Watch out Tim Hortons, watch out beavers, watch out lumberjack plaid and maple syrup: You're about to get weirdly sexualized and touted around as adorable props! You can take up your complaints with Avril Lavigne.

We should probably also mention that Damien from Mean Girls (Daniel Franzese) is also all up in this. He's the on getting all weird weird the maple syrup.

And don't worry about Canada's feelings in all this: They've got universal health care, Ryan Gosling (though we might have stolen him) and the harsh winters can help in distracting from satirical appropriation.

Happy Canada Day!

Image: Tess Paras/Youtube